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Everyone who ventures off to college will go through the same dilemma. Where can we find useful information that will help us in researching a school? Better yet, what else does the college community have to offer? What could possibly aid us in finding the right college to spend the next four years of our life?

We took these ideas and decided to create a tool that supplies prospective students with the information they are really looking for. We have been working on this idea since December of 2001. We are expanding day to day to ensure the most update information for the use of our users.
Searching for a college should be an enjoyable experience. We intend to aid anyone while investigating a college and its town. Furthermore, this experience should be free. It is hard enough to swallow the thought of paying for college let alone paying for books to find out about colleges. VisitCollege.com will continue in its quest to build the most comprehensive web site for its members.
Brian M. Van Kleeck and Matthew T. DeRose came up with the idea for VisitCollege.com while attending college at Winona State University. Their intended goal was to build a comprehensive tool to aid students with their decision to choose a college. Their final conclusion was that deciding on a college was much too difficult and a new innovative system must be designed. Let us know what you think!

Our Mission is to aid those in need with valuable information regarding colleges and their communities. VisitCollege.com – Helping You Find Your Future.
Matthew T. DeRose born and raised in Libertyville, IL. spent his first two years of school at College of Lake County located in Grayslake, IL. While attempting to transfer to a university he, like others, found that not much information was available on colleges and their surrounding area. After his transfer to Winona State University located in Winona, MN he and Brian Van Kleeck started talking and VisitCollege.com was born. Matt graduated from WSU in 2005 majoring in Management Information Systems with a minor in Business Administration. Email Matt at matt@visitcollege.com.

BRIAN M. VAN KLEECK Born and raised in Madison, WI. Brian is a graduate of Winona State University where he majored in both Accounting and Business Administration minoring in Management Information Systems. He currently resides in the greater ChicagoLand area. Email Brian at brian@visitcollege.com.
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