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At White River School of Massage, we can train you to become a massage therapist! Did you know that the need for massage therapists is expected to increase over the next few years? As more and more people discover the benefits of massage – physical, mental and emotional – the demand for trained, professional massage therapists continues to grow.
Massage therapy can be a great career if you're interested in helping others reduce the pain and stress in their lives. Job opportunities at spas, cruise ships, chiropractic offices, salons and resorts abound. And massage therapists often get to reap the benefits of a flexible schedule and the ability to work for themselves.
At White River School of Massage, you can get the education you need to get started! You'll learn basic anatomy and physiology and techniques in: Swedish massage Deep-tissue massage Sports massage Shiatsu
Take advantage of this great opportunity and learn how you can train to be a massage therapist at White River School of Massage!
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